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Polar G3 EPA Phase II Indoor or Outdoor Boiler / Hot Water Furnace

It burns less wood, is environmentally friendly with little smoke emission.
This makes it the legal choice in many urban built up areas.
It converts wood to charcoal, charcoal to gas and gas to heat.
Before You Buy

Btu Output Factors

Customer Map

Determining Btu Demand

EPA Phases

How They Are Built

How They Work

Insulated Piping Systems

Parts & Accessories


Outdoor Coal Stoker Models

Outdoor Wood Models

Outdoor Wood / Coal Models


(PDF File Size = 280kb)



Features Include:

Firebox & Water Jacket Constructed of ASME 516

North American Certified Boiler Plate Steel
Insulated Chimney, Rain Cap & Steel Spark Arrestor
Approved to CAN/CSA-B336.1-M91/UL391 for outdoor and indoor installations.
Down Draft
VOR-TECHtm Combustion System Reduces Wood Consumption
Creates a Hot Controlled Burn with Less Ash, Emissions & Creosote
25 Year Warranty


View video of the VOR-TECHtm Combustion System




Construction Boiler Plate







Height (*With Chimney)


Door Size  

15" X 18"


6" Class A


2750 LB 

Water Capacity  

250 US Gal

Wood / Firebox Length



12.7 cu.ft.

EPA Test BTU Output *8 hr*


Maximum BTU Output


Burn Control Forced Draft

Inlets & Outlets

1 Each 1-1/2"

Btu's varies according to wood type and moisture

Specifications are subject to change or corrections without notice.!



  Finance This Outdoor Heating System From $223.27 / Month O.A.C.

Introductory Sale

$2,150.00 Off*

How It Is Built   (File Size = 183kb)

Other Great G-CLASS features

  • Multi Speed Suction  Fan 
    The suction fan provides increased user comfort and safety, and more stable combustion characteristics in the primary fire chamber. Together with easily adjustable air gates the multi speed suction fan allows for varying heater output to more closely match application requirements.
  • Ignition Door
    Located to provide access to the bottom of the fire chamber the IGNITION DOOR makes lighting the fire easy and convenient. Light the fire AFTER filling the fire chamber with wood. Handy and Safer!
  • Outdoor housing
    Sturdy outdoor housing designed to protect the heater in all outdoor conditions.
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