We no longer carry the Polar product line.

This is due to an ownership change of Polar Furnaces which was purchased by the Portage & Main distributor.

We honestly have nothing bad to say about the construction of the Polar Outdoor Boilers.

We would not recommend anyone become a Polar dealer or purchase a Polar Furnace while under the current ownership.

Primary issues with the current owner of Polar Furnaces and the distributor of Portage & Main boilers are listed here.

Polar Boilers to our knowledge are now being manufactured by Piney Manufacturing Ltd., for the current owner.

It is our understanding the current owner is to honor all existing Polar Furnace warranty.
So if you have a waranty issue with your boiler, you will need to contact Polar Furnaces directly.

We are now handling the HeatMaster G-Series, GS-Series & MFe Line of Wood & Coal Boilers

The associated product pages are provided for our previous Polar customers convenience.

The "Equivalent product" links are the direct replacement for the "Polar" brand name products.

Polar G2 Equivalent product = HeatMaster G100 EPA Wood Boiler

Polar G2 Plus Equivalent product = HeatMaster G200 EPA Wood Boiler

Polar G3 Equivalent product = HeatMaster G400 EPA Wood Boiler

Polar Medium Equivalent product = Polar Medium

Polar Medium Equivalent product = Polar Medium

Polar Large Equivalent product = Polar Large

Polar Commercial Equivalent product = Polar Commercial

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