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Fuel Btu Cost Calculator

To set the fuel "Btu / Unit", select the "Heating Fuel" and the "Heating Unit" for the fuel to calculate.
You can override the in the calculator and input your "delivered" cost for the fuel.

Next select the "Appliance Efficiency" of the heating appliance(s) from the drop down list.

If you are burning wood, input the cost for a "full cord" of wood.

Updated *05/28/2014 Cell Color = Drop Down Cells Cell Color = Defualt / User Input Cells
Heating Fuel Heating Unit Cost / Unit Btu / Unit Cost / 1,000,000 Btu Input Appliance Efficiency Cost / 1,000,000 Btu Output
Electricity kWh
Fuel Oil #2 liter
Geothermal * kWh
Natural Gas
Propane liter
Charcoal ton 0.00
Coal (Sub Bit)
Oats #2
Wheat #3
Wood Pellets
Birch - White cut cord
uncut cord
Calculate local costs. If you provide your own fuel, you can input your associated costs.
To calculate an Unlisted Fuel, Input cost, Btu Value of Fuel, and select Appliance Efficiency
Unlisted Fuel unit
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